Tanning Equipment & Products

Our tanning equipment will give you the best tan in Perkasie. All of our tanning options provide a comfortable and relaxing experience with outstanding results. 


We offer a variety of high-quality tanning solutions and creams, especially formulated to optimize your tan.  In addition, we have products available to extend the life of your sunless tan, ask our specialist for details!


Don't hesistate to ask our friendly staff if you need assistance in selecting the right option for you.

Classic Tanning Bed

The most popular product at Olde Towne Tanning Salon! 50 160-watt lamps plus additional high-pressure neck and facial lamps ensure an even full-body tan. Built-in climate control is also included to provide maximum comfort and a relaxing environment while tanning.

Stand-Up Tanning Booth

Enjoy our ultrafast stand-up tanning booth. If you don't feel comfortable in a tanning bed, then our high performance tanning booth is the ideal solution. Choose this option for an incredible bronze result in just five minutes. 

Sunless Airbrush Tan

Get the tan you've always wanted, completely UV-free, with our sunless airbrush tanning. This high-tech airbrush tan system is gentle and nourishing on your skin and will promote an even, bronzed colored tan. Our tanning specialist will walk you through choosing a shade to suit your desired outcome.  

Our AvivaLab products are specially formulated with anti-aging boosters and certified organic ingredients that will prevent you from getting the "orange glow" look and give you a beautiful streak free natural glow everytime.




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